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easy canoe paddlle


MyCanoe Paddle

  • 2-piece & lightweight for easy transport, fits in the MyCanoe accessory bag

  • T-grip handle and aluminum shaft

  • High-impact Polypropylene 19-in blade

  • 59-inch long
  • motor plate

    Motor Plate

    Motor plate for your electric or gasoline engine motors. MyDinghy has an inside built-in plate and you need one of this optional plate for outside of the boat.

    my canoe oars


  • A pair of oars that are lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Fits in the accessory bag.

  • Does NOT include oar locks (metal attachment).

  • Dual processed aluminum tubes and end caps, never come off.

  • Each oar can be separated into two pieces for easy transport and storage.

  • Assembled length: 54.5 in Blade length / width: 14.5 in / 5.5 in A set of two.
  • Stabilizer Kit

    The stabilizer tubes are perfect for assistance on rough water or added stability during fishing and photography. The dual sturdy air tubes easily attach to each side of your hull and store nicely out of the way until time for deployment. The simple large twist valves allow for quick and easy setup. The Kit includes a pair of stabilizers, a hand or foot pump, and a carrying bag. Even with stabilizer attached, you must wear US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device.

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